Federal and State laws requires all employers to retain payroll records for up
to six years. To insure against the loss or destruction of your payroll records,
CSC PAYMASTER provides a six year archive service.

* Storing copies of all your payroll reports in complete detail on Electronic Media.
* Helping you fulfill the legal records retention requirements. If your records are
lost, stolen, incinerated, etc., we will still have them available.
* Enabling you to retrieve your 2021 payroll report data through the year 2027.

The ONE TIME charge for the six year storage of your 2021 data is just
one dollar per employee with a minimum of just $35 charge per company. This is a
cost per year of about 16 cents per employee.
Should you require report retrieval services, you will be charged a search fee
of $30, plus a $10 charge for each report reprinted. If you require report
retrieval but have refused the archive service, a search fee of $200 will be
charged, plus a $30 charge per report printed.
Your charge for storage will be added to your January monthly invoice. If you
would like us to store your data, you need to do nothing else! We will
automatically store it for you.
If you do NOT wish to take advantage of this service, please do ONE of the

Click here for archive refusal form:  
- Sign and return the form above by fax or mail
- Email with subject line "Archive Refusal" *
- Contact the billing department at 401-785-0300
*Please be sure to include your Company number and Company Name

All requests should be prior to January 26, 2022 to ensure proper billing.